Tools to Move Your Farm Foward


Are you part of an inter-generational farm family who has a passion for farming, but is facing barriers in passing the farm to the next generation? 

The Get Farm Transition Unstuck online course is for you! Developed by Elaine Froese (the Canadian Farm Whisperer) and Dr. Megan Mckenzie (Conflict Specialist), this is the one course for farm families who are ready for better communication that will help to overcome the barriers that are keeping them stuck and without a transition plan.

This six module course is delivered online and is full of great tools to help identify and address the barriers holding back your farm transition and teach you how to create an action plan, complete with simple checklists, to get unstuck and start moving forward. 

Let's get 'er done!

About the Online Course

This online course will help you to get your farm transition unstuck. We will help you to have increased harmony and certainty, while decreasing worry and conflict. 

You'll find concrete tools and worksheets, critical checklists, insightful stories, and effective resources and tips to create an action plan for having courageous conversations about transitioning your farm. 


Welcome to Get Farm Transition Unstuck


Five Barriers to Getting Unstuck 

  • Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed 
  • Fear 
  • No time to talk or plan 
  • Procrastination, apathy, or lack of motivation 
  • Passivity or giving up your power


Five More Barriers to Getting Unstuck 

  • Destructive Patterns 
  • Lack of Resources 
  • Pride and social pressures 
  • Mental Illness on the farm team 
  • Lack of healthy boundaries


Getting Ready for Courageous Conversations


Executing the Meeting 


Help to Get 'Er Done! 

About the Course Creators

Elaine Froese

Elaine Froese, is a lifelong farmer. Every day, she uses her background in conflict resolution and communication to help fellow growers and ranchers face make-or-break issues head on -- so they can focus on the business of farming. 

Starting with 4-H presentations in Manitoba at age nine and moving on to audiences today in Mexico, Australia and beyond, Elaine has always understood that communication is the key to building trust and understanding, especially when your family members are your business partners. 

Elaine has seen it all, heard it all, and survived it all -- from buying the in-laws’ farm, the isolation of farm life, a sudden illness or death in the family, and every crisis you can imagine. She has given families worldwide the practical tools they need to save their marriages, hold onto their farms and gain some much-needed peace of mind.  

More than 600 families have received Elaine's personal coaching advice, along with thousands more who have attended her keynote presentations on emotionally complicated topics -- and walked away with life-changing results.

megan mckenzie

Dr. Megan McKenzie is a well-trained conflict analyst, facilitator, and solution-finder. She brings insight gained from years of transforming diverse conflicts into opportunities for new beginnings. As an educator, she provides engaging and informative learning opportunities. 

Megan has worked and volunteered in the areas of conflict resolution, democracy-building, and reconciliation on five continents over the past 15 years. She has served as an election observer in DR Congo in 2006. She has provided international accompaniment to community and human right workers in the Middle East and Colombia and worked at a reconciliation centre in Ireland. She has volunteered at a multicultural peace camp for inner-city youth in Winnipeg. She has also provided leadership for local social service organizations. 

In 2014, Megan returned to her farm roots and released a book, with Farm Consultant Elaine Froese, entitled Farming’s In-law Factor: How to have more harmony and less conflict on family farms.

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